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This unit began to explain the mechanics how we speak and write; my understanding of grammar is, admittedly, subpar. For example, most English teachers / native speakers understand that \"more beautiful\" is the correct comparative adjective, as opposed to \"beautifuler.\" However, this unit taught me that it is the number of the syllables in the base adjective that determines how to make the comparative form. In particular, I appreciated the activity in the task sheet which promted me to think about how I would explain parts of speech to my students (and colleagues).Past tenses in principal should be relatively easy to learn and as a teacher conveying these tenses across to students should require a clearly planned out class using visual aids as well as class activities to bring the meaning to light. With past tenses there are clear sentence structures that can be put together using the correct training materials. Past simple, past perfect, past continuous and past perfect continuous are are quite distinct from one another and relaying this to students should in be straight forward, however great care should be taken in the process.