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The content in this unit outlines the characters and qualities of an ideal classroom environment. Having been a student for the majority of my life, I found it interesting to learn specific titles for roles which a teacher may perform. However in my experience it is never just one role being implemented at a time, for example the manager will also be the prompter and model. I have also learnt that I have the potential to flourish in this role as I am well known for my patience and entusiasm in casual teaching environemtns. The specifics of a quality of learner, I feel are all sub-groups of the desire to learn category. That is what it all comes down to, if a student wants to learn, the characterists will flow from there. It seems the teaches role with young students is to facilitate this interest as much possible, and to maintain it in adult students. This would be best approached by understanding the students and building rapport, to discover what motivates them.