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Teaching pronunciation and phonology will be the most challenging part of teaching the English language. some words do not sound how they appear which is confusing for the student. The teacher should create a clear and organized lesson plan that will provide many helpful tools for the students learning process. Teaching when to put stress on a word is vital for speaking. Stress marks, gestures, choral work, and the board can all assist the teacher in helping teach the students. Sounding joining consists of linking, sound dropping, sound changing, and extra lettering. These are valuable to teach the students because the goal is for them to speak similar to the way we do. Articulation : velar, patatal, patatal-aveofar, alveolar, dental, bilabial, glottal and labio-dental. Manner of articulation: plosive, fricative, nasal, lateral, affricate, and approximate. Some wonderful teaching techniques are peer dictation, your own mouth, visuals, phonemes, and tongue twists.