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This section proved itself to be quite a struggle in comparison to previous units. I have not Idea that tenses go so in depth within the english language. I have learned in this section the structure of the language that I speak on a daily basis. I learned the difference between Present Simple Present Continuous, Present Perfect, and Present Perfect Continuous along with the different forms each can come in (Affirmative, negative, and question). I had no Idea that present tenses were this detailed and structured. I am excited to now learn about the depth of past and future tenses.It was interesting to learn of some of the different tests that other teachers use within their classes. Up until now, I've been teaching conversational English classes. (In Japan, the students are taught reading and writing in school, but listening and speaking are more weakly taught.) I've not done a lot of testing in my classes, though I can see the potential benefits of this. Unit 15 has spurred me on to think more deeply about how my husband and I might incorporate more overt evaluation in our classes, so that the students have more feedback, and are hopefully more motivated.