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Unit fourteen was a brief lesson that taught about the use of course books and appropriate lesson material. After studying this lesson and considering my prior learning and teaching experience I would say that the use of course books are effective only when used as a guide. The course book can aid to keep the learner and the teacher on a well developed and organized path. Using a course book becomes problematic on the learning experience when the teacher relies to heavily on the book and does not do the prep work to adapt the lesson the his/her students.In this unit I have learned how to teach special groups: teaching English for purposes and teaching young learners. Teaching young learners might be challenging for a lot of teachers,because you need to be patient and you should love kids.While you are teaching the kids ,the first thing is motivation, as young learners just want to play and sing a song. If we teach them through visual aids ,games and songs it will be more effective. Teaching English for Purposes requires more professional approach,because they are learning English for a specific reasons.