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In this unit I learned the importance of having a lesson plan especially as a new and unexperienced teacher as this will help us understand what we want to accomplish throughout the course of a class. It is important also to set up goals that we want to accomplish as teachers as well as what we want the students to be able to do at the end of the class. Lesson plans should always be flexible because things will not always go as planned so it is important to have other things prepared.People of the country in which I teach generally have a difficult time both learning and teaching pronunciation. Through this lesson I realized that I should provide a natural model after an overemphasized one. Also, I would like to introduce \"nonsense words\" in order to get the students to better follow one of the rules for the classroom: speak \"with feeling\". This unit also gave me a refresher on phonology, which will help me introduce and solidify sounds in the target language.