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What I learned from this unit is that if someone thought explaining/teaching present tenses was going to be hard, past tenses will be harder. I have grown up speaking and being educated using these tenses and yet I am having a hard time understanding them still! I have a new found respect for those willing and trying to learn another language, especially English. I also have a new found respect for those TEFL teachers out there successfully getting these complex ideas across. Although I do know that things you have to work really hard for are also the things that are most rewarding.The unit explains teaching productive skills: speaking and writing. These skills include in language four skills. From this unit, I have learned the ways of encouraging students to produce L2 and game or activities that helps teachers and students interaction. This units show me a lot of beneficial lessons: in writing which skills students need and in speaking which ways is more suitable for students. Moreover, this unit shows the links concerning with classroom games so I will know a lot of games and which game can use in which teaching situation. This unit is one of the best units.