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In this unit I got the opportunity to delve into the world of grammatical structures a bit more and expand my knowledge of it. I discovered how to optimise the way to teach grammatical structures, language functions and vocabulary, so that my future students can learn it in a more effective way. I also learned what type of ESA is the most effective for the different type of things I will need to teach them in hopes that it can help them become fluent in English one day. And it taught me what are the criterias I should use for the different things I will have to teach them.Most of this lesson was straight forward but with a lot of information we as native speakers never really give much thought to when talking. Words spoken and our own minds ability to translate what we hear even when the language is in a lazy format is taken for granted until we think of how we teach others. I never remember learning the Phonemic Chart in school and i found it to be the hardest until i found other resources to explain it in a method i found easier to understand and follow. Very informative and after practice I can see how it can be useful for a new learner.