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D.M. - Greece said:
Unit 1 is an introduction to the \"Teaching Business English\" course where we can find the course content, its aims and objectives and our opportunities in career development. We can ultimate the course in less than a week or in six months, depending on our specific needs. We are approaching this course upon completion of a TEFL course, which is the most widely recognized certification to teach English as a Foreign language. As English is the modern language of business, international companies but in general businesses at all levels are required to train their staff in both spoken and written English. They could call a teacher to form the whole staff or require private one to one lessons either onsite or in private schools. The important thing to remember when thinking about teaching ESP (English for specific purposes) is that we, as teachers, do not need to have a formal business training, but we do certainly need the skills to teach English in a business environment. The knowledge of the specific business field terminology is a plus but is not essential.