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16- Unit 9 is related to the importance of lesson planning while it gives tips and a format to create our own lesson plans. It is a very useful planning structure but I believe it to be very meticulous and hard to continue it as an experience or a busy teacher because there are lots of details in the format such as room, context, possible errors, creating a lot of paper-format work. Though for a beginner or intermediate teacher I find it to be a great format. The same thing happens with the self-evaluation form; I believe that it would be useful for a monthly review but not for an everyday class because on the lesson plan format there is already a teacher’s objectives to improve. I believe that paper planning is good but is good as well not to exaggerate and as the chapter mentions, we must be flexible. Though the tips, the materials and the ESA planning suggested are great and gives plentiful examples that help a teacher to become a better professor.