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Unit 14: Coursebooks and lesson materials taught me to think critical about the material I will use in class. I have used and worked with a few English coursebooks and agree they should not all be treated equal. I feel that I would use the coursebooks as a guideline, but not as my main tool. I would like to use them in particular for the \"study\" phase of my lesson plan. I believe it would be better to pull upon my own creativity and trusted sources online to develop lesson plans tailored to the students age and interests.This unit covered the different past tenses including the many usages of each and sentence structure. I learned that which past tense you use is dependent on if the actions are completed or if they are continuous. I learned the difference between past continuous and past perfect continuous and that the biggest way to distinguish which tense is used is that past continuous refers to something that took place around a time and not something that took place UP UNTIL a time, which is what the purpose of past perfect continuous.