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This unit focused on the receptive skills of reading and listening. The reasons for using these two receptive skills were broken down, as well as how one uses them, the problems one faces with using them, and how to get students to be more involved with the lesson by using their receptive skills. The section on how we process information by reading and listening detailed five specific ways. As students will have different levels of skills, looking out for which way they use to learn can help in figuring out the best way to get the students to become involved in the lesson.This Unit summarised different aids and equipments teachers can use for their classes. I am amazed at the amount of resources found online. I leard new things on how to use a board with a class. I didnt know that it is harder for the studendts to read capital letters. However using a witheboard or a chalkboard needs a good prepartation and a lot of accuracy since students tend to copy down the things they see on the board. I never considered using a video recorder for a lesson. Today everybody has a smartphone which could be very helpful for some great activation exercies.