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Understanding the parts of speech in English is a difficult task, even for native speakers, illustrating how important it is for teachers of English to understand the intricacies of grammar in English. Although you don't need to know every nuance and exception, you do need to understand the basics and the relationships between the different parts of speech. I have to agree that prepositions are the most difficult part - even though we use them all the time, it seems to be such a subconscious effort that it is difficult to identify prepositions on the spot.It was useful to see the lesson plan carried out in real life. The little differences between the first and second lessons reinforced how important teacher demeanor is to the success of a lesson. I got so annoyed watching the first lesson because the teacher was so rude. I imagined myself sitting in that classroom feeling so intimidated and disrespected and I felt bad for the students there. The second lesson was great and the students really were able to participate in the lesson. Side note: The crocodile is a completely different animal than the alligator.