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In this unit I looked at the most common problem situations and how to deal with them. The unit dealt with first lessons, different levels and how to handle different types of classes and individual students. I especially liked the section about building rapport, because I will be having my first lesson next week! I would like to make use of this last unit reflection to thank ITTT for providing me with a very insightful and fun TEFL course. The course is well structured, relevant and up-to-date. You have my recommendation!In unit sixteen,tenses as seen in the previous unit,is used to construct sentences in the conditional form for example the present tense.Most learners of English face difficulties in construction good sentences in conditionals and reported speech but i have confident i can construct good sentences in these forms.Also i came across the different conditionals for example,second conditional which is seen a sentence like If i won the lottery ,i would travel the world .If i had a time machine ,i could go back to the dark ages.