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This unit was on teaching receptive skills. Receptive skills include reading and listening which are equally important to one another. The reasons for reading can include for a purpose to help us aim for a goal or for our own entertainment. There are ways we can read and listen to obtain information without reading the entire text. The different ways is using our predictive skills, scanning, skimming, detailed info and use our deduction from the context. For this particular topic we used the patchwork study plan to teach the students.It is better, as a teacher, to maintain an upbeat attitude in the classroom and always encourage students to speak and participate in lesson activities. Transitions between engage, study and activate phases should be smooth and activities during phases should be explained and demonstrated well. The students' understanding is most important and lessons should continue appropriately with the improving understanding of students. The voice and attitude of the teacher affects the success of the students and the atmosphere of the classroom.