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Unit 15 talks about evaluating students. In this unit it is teaching and evaluating students always. Evaluating students means testing the understanding level and progress of students. how can a teacher evaluate his or her students. A teacher can evaluate his or her students by using the following methods: Test giving periodic test to students can help the teacher to really understand his or her student more better. Tutorials giving students tutorials will help the student to evaluate them selves and know where they are lacking.The unit is about evaluating students. To assess student's language level is useful for teacher as well as for students. There are 3 ways of assessing: tutorials, evaluation by the students, and tests. The ability to orient between different type of tests means that you can advise your student to use his or her knowledge about the language in appropriate way. If your student wants to live in Britain, you advise him to get a Certificate in ESOL Skills for life. If your student wants to do a business, you advise him to get BEC etc.