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Classroom management seems very important now that I have read this unit. A good teacher must be flexible and inspirational while not letting the class get away from him or he. Eye contact, gestures, and voice are important factors that the teacher can control. Good eye contact can establish a student teacher relationship and show students that they are involved in a lesson and allowed to talk. Good gestures by the teacher can reduce teacher talk time and add a visual aspect to the lesson. Gestures can reduce the need for verbal communication because the instructor can use their hands. For example a hand with the palm up can signal stop and a thumb pointed up can mean good job. The tone and throw of voice can add or detract from class explanations. If the class if big greater voice projection is needed. If it is a small or one on one class the teacher can speak normally. A dull voice will create boredom but an enthusiastic voice will liven up the students.