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In Unit 2, I learned about the different methods of teaching foreign language. Although there are many ways to teach, some methods have been proven to be stronger than others. Jeremy Harmer's \"Engage Study Activate\" method worlds well for classroom teaching as it gives a structure to the lesson. I learned basic methods of creating lesson plans and I also learned that praise is equally as important (and may even be more important) than correction during a lesson. I was introduced to many methods of Engage, Study, and Activate portions of teaching.Unit 18 was the last of the grammar units in the course and over-viewed modals, passive/active voice, defining/non-defining relative clauses and phrasal verbs. Modal verbs have much to do with expressing ability, possibility and requests all in varying degrees formality and politeness. The passive voice demphasizes the agent of a sentence. Defining clauses are needed to express the full meaning of a sentence where as non-defining clauses could be omitted without effecting the main meaning. Phrasal verbs are verbs with added particles, such as 'turn off'.