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Unit 19 was an overview of basic types of learners from beginner adults to children, business and individual. In my teaching experience I have found that children are particularly challenging because of their short attention spans and need of more discipline, but as the unit pointed out, it can be the most rewarding to see children absorb the lesson and grow. I had no previous introduction to business English and learned a great deal of how to structure the content and conduct a needs analysis report and how to work with the business and its individuals.Unit 7 talks about the difference between receptive skills and productive skills. It then progresses to elaborate on the reasons and importance of each of the skills, such as for entertainment or for purpose. It also discusses how we read and write, based on the objective of our activities, the problems that come with it, and how we can work around them. It is not easy for students to learn a new language and be able to perfect the grammar and vocabulary. Reading, writing, listening are all important factors to help one learn the ways of a new language.