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I have definitely increased my repertoire of games by studying this unit. Unit 12 has prepared me for teaching the two productive skills called reading and writing. The difference between accuracy and fluency drills is now clear to me because it was well explained in this unit. I have learnt techniques to encourage students to speak and to increase their interaction. As for writing skills, the most important points to consider for improvment are spelling, handwriting, layout and punctuation as well as creative writing.The main focus of this unit was the first day of class. It covered some basic things that help the students become comfortable with the teacher and gain confidence to speak English in class. Many of the activities involve working in groups, role playing or survey of some type. I think most of the activities were very good. The first day of class with a new teacher can be exciting yet also a little intimating for students. Activities that are fun and spur the students to speak without a lot of pressure on the first day.