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T.S. & J.B. – Italy said:
1. Overview: Unit 19 Unit 19 deals with teaching of special groups. These groups include beginners, individual students, children, Business English/English for Specific Purposes and monolingual/multilingual classes. Methodology and techniques when working with beginners are given as well as possible problems and how to deal with it. Teaching suggestions and suitable activities for individual student classes are explained. Teaching children with all their special needs is fully covered- the do's and don't's, the management and how to deal with different problems. Business English/English for Specific Purposes and how to deal with the 'clients' and the common problems are explained. A sample needs analysis is given and the typical process before starting with classes explained. Lastly the unit also covers monolingual and multilingual classes with their advantages and disadvantages. 2. What I learnt Teaching Business English/English for Specific Purposes is a new field of activity and quite a challenge for me. I guess there are some similarities between teaching individual students and One-to-One Skype students. However, I would have appreciated some advice for teaching via Skype.