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This unit was about past tense sentences. There is a past simple, which states that something happened sometime in the past. There is past perfect, which tells about how long something went on for in the past. Past continuous talks about something that was in progress in the past. Past perfect continuous talks about something that had been happening in the past but was completed at the reference point. Finally, there are irregular and regular past tense versions of verbs (irregular: catch-caught, regular: want-wanted).This unit provides different ways of teaching speaking and writing. It explains it in the same way the other unit (reading and listening) was explained, this was helpful. It explained some of the difficulties that come with teaching reading and writing, and it explains what one can do to overcome them. For example when it comes to writing in a different language, the teacher needs to take into account the student's native language and be patient with said students when it comes to teaching them how to write in English.