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In this unit i have learnt: 1)Pronuncation is one of the most neglected aspect of English language teaching, but it suppose to be an integral part of the course. 2)Three areas-intanation, stress and rhythm are helping students to come to understanding of pronuncation of English language. a) Intonation. It carries the messange in the sentance it is important in the expression of emotions. There are 3 patterns of intonation. The normal is the rase/fall intonation. When you finish what you want to say,the intonation falls-in statements,greetings,intructions and questions. The second is fall/rise pattern. It means the speaker wants the person to whom he is speaking to respond or confirm. And the third is basically flat pattern of intonation,which indicates that speaker doesn't want to comunicate or doesn't have that much to say. b)Stress. There are two rules about it 1-one word has one stress 2-we only can stress syllables,not individual vowels or consonants.