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Lesson thirteen explains how to teach pronunciation. This was an incredibly difficult unit - you cannot be silent while attempting these exercises. I have never realized the importance of knowing that the movement of the mouth, vibrations, and breathing can change sounds from one to another (e.g. 'b' and 'p'). Stress (not the nervous kind) has never been something I thought could be taught without drilling, but this unit showed me the general rules to use when doing so. I found it very funny when I read about sound joining, especially sound changing and sound dropping. Coming from the New England area in the USA, I always put the letter \"R\" where it did not belong and then add the letter \"R\" when it did not belong (\"park the car in the lot\" became \"pahk the kah in the lart\". I almost forgot the phonemic symbols, which will come in handy for myself when I try to establish what sounds my students are making when trying to accurately pronounce words.