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The two videos that I watched were good examples of first, what not to do when teaching English and in the second video, some really good things to do to make English lessons effective. I learned that movement, gestures and pictures can really make a difference to student comprehension. In the first video when the teacher went straight into the lesson the students were very confused but in the second lesson, when the teacher engaged the students first using prior knowledge, there was much better understanding and engagement throughout the entire lesson.Today i learnt that there are four basic skills when learning any language, these being; reading, speaking, listening and writing. This topic mostly concentrated on reading and listening which are known as receptive skills. I learn the various reasons and motives people may have when using receptive skills. I learnt various examples of why we read and listen. I learnt problems that usually happen when reading and listening.Lastly i learnt some good teaching practices when teaching a class receptive skills and viewed an example of a patchwork ESA lesson.