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There are many teaching aids a teacher can choose to incorporate to make their lessons more effective. The only drawback to certain aids is technology failure. This would not occur often, however, when it did, the professor usually spent at least ten minutes figuring how to operate a projector. It is definitely beneficial for the teacher to always check the equipment intended for use ahead of time. It is also wise to always have a backup plan, perhaps even two. The teacher should always be prepared for change and be able to professionally adapt to their situation.I felt this unit was challenging as I hadn't realised all the different methods of teaching! In particular, the section outlining the Engage, Study and Activate aspect of teaching was extremely interesting - and it made perfect sense. If a student isn't engaged or for some reason, doesn't want to be at the class, the importance of engaging their attention cannot be overstated. Making a subject interesting and getting the class excited and wanting to participate will lead to students who want to learn, rather than just coming along to a class through obligation.