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According to this unit, the focus was on the uses of the different tenses. The different tenses that were being mentioned are the present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. I have learnt about their usage and how they are been used especially with the examples that were given after each tenses made it much clearer on how to use them in sentences. This unit was very helpful in making the use of the different tenses very clearly.Unit 9 was a productive way to expand on the layout of developing an ESA formatted lesson plan which pays attention to learner objectives, teacher objectives, procedural checklists, and is mindful that the rigid nature of lesson planning can relax and allow space for flexibility. The classroom is an unpredictable environment. Therefore, it is unhelpful to try to plan out dialogue, except in the case where you are determining interaction, (T-S), (S-S), or individual S.