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This unit introduced some of the teaching methodologies that have developed. Each method was given a brief summary with its positive and negative aspects being noted. This course utilizes the ESA method. This method attempts to take the benefits of all methods and put combine them into one method. ESA stands for engage, study, activate, which are three stages of this method. Although there are ways to vary the order of stages, these three basic stages are essential to this method.I learned from this Unit 4 \"Present Tense\" is how to use correctly and properly some part of the tenses, I know we have more tenses but this unit is focusing on how to understand the Present tense and their form like Present simple, Present perfect, Present Continuous etc. And this unit gives more example and usage how to implement to my future student and gives me guidelines what activity can I give to my student and tips how to teach or share them how to use the Present Tense.