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The future \"tense\" is one of the most confusing elements of language for me, given the conflict in definition because of my linguistic background. I was always taught that there are only two tenses in English, but when it comes to communicating the truths of how we express things in English, it is easier and makes more sense to communicate that there is a future tense, but then there are so many different forms of it that it becomes very difficult and confusing very quickly. This was very helpful for organizing the facts in my head.I'm still struggling with the tenses. It is pleasing to see the similar rules between Present and Past. The repetition helps so I know I'll have to go over this material again and again. I thought the structure of the English Language was complicated but this is more than I thought. Well, complicated things are just made up of more simple pieces. Luckily my girlfriend and I are doing the course together and we can help each other and provide mutual support and encouragement. The unit notes, tasks and video continue to be good, Thanks.