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Lesson plans are vital to have and the more resources we have on hand the batter. However, we as teachers cannot rely solely upon materials provided in something like a course book. Whilst good for general usage, we are required to be engaging with the students. Not simply sitting them down and telling them to read. Our job is to create an engaging format for students to learn in. We also want to make our lessons as practical as we can by using activities in both the study and engage phase which gets the students actually utilizing the language, not just reading about it.This unit gave me a real idea of how a lesson can go completely wrong if the teacher is not making any effort. It requires a great deal of patience, focus and desire to teach to be able to provide a successful lesson. Even though the teacher in the first lesson had a study plan, his lack of motivation and impatience intimidated the students, and as such his plan was of no use. The second lesson showed clearly how important it is for the teacher to show interest, to smile and engage with the students. If the roles were reversed, he would not have enjoyed the lesson either.