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this unit cover speaking and writing which are both equally important productive skills. The speaking part covers fluency and accuracy along with the type of actives that can be used as well as providing a guideline in creating a ESA Lesson. The Writing covers the importance of handwriting, spellings and punctuation along with as ESA Lesson format. Finally the unit also covers Games and their relevance as well as importance in teaching. Resources for various types of games have also been provided.Unit 16 covered Conditionals and Reported Speech. It began by talking about the different levels of conditional speech (0, 1 ,2 ,3, and mixed) and their forms and usages. Some teaching ideas would be to use split sentence games to get the students to become familiar with organizing the English phrases. This unit also taught the differences in reported speech and direct speech and the difficulties they bring. Often time, the verbs and pronouns makes the biggest change in a sentence during speech.