TESOL Baotou

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S.K. – Turkey said:
This unit provided two videos that demonstrated the same teacher teaching a lesson to the same group with two different strategies. The purpose was to observe the impact that teacher attitude has on students. The first video shows a teacher that is not engaging with his students. His tone of voice is very intimidating and he is not tracking with whether students are understanding what he is saying. He expects information from students that they are not even able to understand, and later they are handed a piece of paper with an activity without instructions about what they are suppossed to do. In this first video students look very confused. The second video attempts to demonstrate what a successful lesson looks like. The teacher's demeanor is very much improved compared to the first video. He seems friendly and engaging. He focuses on connecting with his students before he even attempts to teach anything. He also makes sure students are tracking with his expectations. Te teacher has come to class prepared with props that will aid students with understanding the lesson he is trying to teach them. He is lively and playful too.