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This unit was very helpful as it showed me an example of a poorly given class and an example of a well given one. It showed the subtle things that some people may forget when giving a class such as smiles, the use of the students' names, and slow and clear speech, all of which are very important to make the class run smoothly and keep the students happy and comfortable while still having them learn. The videos showed me examples of how to organize a class so that each part runs together smoothly.The unit about EFL theories, methods, and techniques was quite complicated. It's consist of materials that a good teacher should to know and use. You will never structure a lesson if you don't know a theoretical part of how to do it. There are different ways to teach students, but we also should remember individual circumstances: country, culture, personal needs and aims. The most useful information was about ESA elements:Engage, Study and Activate. The right lesson structure is the biggest need.