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Teaching Vocabulary: Receptive - words the student knows but doesn't use Productive - words the student knows and uses What the Student needs to know about vocabulary is : Meaning/Use/Word grammar/ Interaction/Spelling/ Pronunciation Engage- Mime & action/Pictures/Discussion/Discover; Study- Gap fill/Word searches; Activate- Open class discussion/ Role-Play Intro Grammatical Structures: Students must know: Meaning/Use/Forms & Patterns/ Spoken & written form Engage- Discussion/ Scenario Building; Study- Intonation & pronunciation patterns/ Gap fills/ Sentence building; Activate- Communication games/ Role-play/ discussion & debate Language Functions: Refusing/Agreeing/ Inviting/ Suggesting Can also include appropriacy (or appropriateness) of the language in terms of the kind of language they use - formal, informal, tentative, technical etc. Language function lessons stress the need for activation of language. Role-plays are very useful