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Planning lessons was the major topic of this unit where different aspects of planning ‎lessons were accounted for. In detail, there are three important functions for ‎planning a lesson, namely, an aid for planning, a working document and serving as a ‎record. Having introduced these three functions, the following sections included: ‎aspects of writing down a lesson plan, practical steps that might help running a class ‎smoothly, components of a lesson plan (i.e. learner objectives, personal aims, ‎language point, teaching aids, student and teacher anticipated problems, procedure, ‎phase, timing, interaction, class level, number of students, data/time, and teacher’s ‎& observer’s names). To support this outline, a sample lesson plan was included a ‎long with a lesson plan template. Thus, the last part of this unit was a lesson content ‎sample for the present perfect tense. ‎