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T.C. - Taiwan said:
This unit was the first one about tenses of the English language. The broad tense system is one of the most difficult parts for learners to use correctly. Therefore it can also be challenging for teachers to explain in a comprehensible way. The appropriate usage of tenses can cause students a great amount of difficulty, hence EFL teachers have to be confident in explaining them properly. There are three different times in English: the past, the present and the future with each of them having four aspects: simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. This unit covered the present tense with all of its four aspects. Not only grammatical points like the forms and usages were explained, but also typical students errors / mistakes as well as teaching ideas for each aspect, which can be applied in the activate stage of the lesson. I am now able to distinguish the four different present tenses according to the sentence structure. Furthermore I feel confident to correct common errors / mistakes that students may make during tasks or other lesson activities.