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This unit outlines how to teach receptive skills, reading and listening, to students. It shows the importance of both reading and listening, as well as different specialist skills employed during reading and listening. Also, it shows the importance of choosing topics, creating interest, using the right motivation and how to do it in detail. Overall, it was very useful topic with clear and useful insights and advice. The tasks part was particularly useful, since it gives concrete examples and guidance to create an ESA lesson plan.It must be admitted that the role of equipment and teaching aids are crucial for teachers in classrooms. Personally, I think a good teacher should utilise equipment and teaching aids provided by the school (if possible, create his/her own teaching aids) to the maximum potential in order to increase students' interest in learning English. In language school where I work, teachers always use teaching aids, be it school-provided or own-made because it has been proven to be very effective to teach with aids compared to not using any.