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We looked in Unit 8 at Future Tenses. These included future simple, future continuous, future perfect and future perfect continuous. I learnt that futurity is expressed by employing auxiliary constructions combined with the main verb. Words such as , 'will' 'can' 'should' or 'may', with the exception of 'going to'. This form is used with planned actions, or predictions. I found it interesting that you can use present simple and present continuous to talk about the future also, which at times can be confusing.I think reframing testing is so important. I think many students have had experiences of being bad for not doing well on a test. If a test can be seen as just helpful information to a student and a teacher, then it does not have to have some deeper meaning about the goodness of a student as a human. So often they get linked. If you fail on this test, it means there is something wrong with your soul. It often feels like this to students. I think using tests properly can be so helpful to students and teachers.