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This unit was a basic introduction to the teaching and understanding of pronunciation and phonology. It covered the basics of intonantion and stress, discussing the basic natural sentence patterns and common variations, while still pointing out that these rules are often changed to convey the meaning of the speaker. The unit then went on to discuss some of the most efficient ways to teach intonation and stress to students. Next came an introduction to IPA and how to use it as an effective tool. Finally there was information on the mechanics of making the sounds we use in English.Unit 16 is about conditionals and reported speech. Conditional sentences are used frequently; they are a sentence with an ?if? clause (or a similar expression). There are a number of contexts which will give the sentence a particular form, principally by the adaptation of the verb tense. As for the conditional sentences, there are several ways to report a speech. The type of speech (direct or indirect), the tense, the form of the sentence (declarative, interrogative, etc.), the meaning, etc. are all essential components we must take into account the report a speech correctly.