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The contents of this chapter really shined the light on the different types of present tense. Understanding such concepts take a certain amount of time for even native speakers to understand, let alone the language learners. Being able to teach and fully understand each tense is a challenge because the English language is so versatile and there are so many exceptions, teaching it confidently can become a challenge. But, this chapter helps put the variations of present tense in order so it is easier to comprehend.In this unit, I learned how to differentiate tests. For instance, the Placement Test to evaluate new students before being placed in the right class, or the Progress Test which is used to gauge what has been remembered or forgotten... Tests should be used to evaluate and help students to evaluate themselves without judgment. Frustration can cause the opposite of what should be. It is very important to help students, and offer them possibilities to correct, understand their mistakes, and to progress through units.