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There are five teaching special groups such as beginners, individuals, young learners, business English, and monolingual versus multilingual. When teaching beginners, make sure to keep it simple, be visual, use pair work, be patient, be supportive, and do not over-correct. To teach young learners, you need to do the following; constantly praise them, constant repetition, slow simple speech, prepare lots of activities, and make fun. For business English group, keep it in your mind that you are not teaching them about business but teaching them English.This unit gives helpful ideas for different course materials and aids, such as online resources, video cameras, dvds, projectors and white boards. I believe one of the most helpful tools to use is visual aids. Visual aids are stimulating for the students, allow them to remember the words/concepts better and are more engaging. Another helpful tool is the dictionary. Dictionaries often allow the students to see the word being used in various contexts. However, it is important not to solely rely on dictionaries because we want to encourage language flow.