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The topic of Course materials is discussed throughout the Unit: the type of material, its advantages, disadvantages and how to use the materials as well as how to analyse a course book. The difference between authentic and created materials is particularly relevant, seeing as it's useful information regardless of the teacher; if you use a Course book you'll still need to create material to avoid having every lesson based on the book material and if you don't you might want to see what advantages there are to planning a lesson in a Course book fashion.It's interesting to learn that writing is one of the most difficult processes to integrate into the English language learning process. I assumed that it was a regular and active part of classroom activity. But in retrospect, students want to learn how to speak and understand spoken English and are not so interested in writing. This is something I will be focusing on in my classroom training. I will work to see how to incorporate writing activities and ensure that I check the students written work on a regular basis, so I can give the good feedback.