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Wow! I've done it! Amazing! That is so exciting moment for me right now. The first thing, that I want to share with you at the moment is this: I'm so happy and glad! I don't wanna cover the material that I've got from this lesson and discuss it here, in the final unit reflection. Just want to thank you for the course and say that I'm absolutely sure, that my teaching career is about to begin, and this unbelivable course was a starting point!I think this unit was less of a learning unit and more of a refreshing unit. i tought preschool for almost 2 years so i understand alot about classroom management. It takes a lot to keep 15 3 year old in line and focused. This is a good unit to provide different options for many different situations. Where small or large class you have a good base of knowledge you can gather from this unit about how to effectively manage and seat your class.