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This unit showed two examples of a teacher teaching the same lesson using different styles. In the first video, the teacher was not very energetic, insisted that the class was learning ''easy'' material, and did not make a real effort to involve the class. The second class showed the same teacher involving the students much more and running a more effective class overall. The second class seems to be exactly how I hope my classes to be in the future. One key is making sure the students understand the actual grammar concept and not just the name of it.The viewing of the two videos of the same lesson were very useful in understanding how teachers can teach effectively. I found the first video rather frustrating in that the teacher had no desire to engage the students in all the activities he presented and also he was unprepared to explain the grammatical forms clearly. In the second video the teacher was definitely better prepared, he had all his materials and knew how to explain the grammar in a very simple way. The students were participant and this made the lesson more enjoyable on both parts.