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I have learned how to effectively use the teaching aids. what?s their role? These aids help to make the lesson easier to understand and also helps to engage students. The IITT did a great job in giving us the links to all the different kinds of resources, which will be useful in our teaching. This unit teaches us the basic principle of how to make the most of the teaching equipment?s inside the classroom. This was again on of the most practical oriented lessons that I have learned Thank you.In Unit Eleven, I learned about teaching receptive skills. Receptive skills include reading and listening. I learned about motives for using receptive skills, how receptive skills are used, problems that can arise when using receptive skills, creating interest in the students, tasks that can be helpful in teaching receptive skills, and an example of a typical lesson was provided. After reviewing this unit, I feel like I have a better understanding of understanding and teaching receptive skills.