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This unit covered the five types of conditional sentences and reported sentences. There are a lot of rules and differing situations involved with both. Before students could tackle these, they would have to have a decent understanding of time tenses. I would definitely break these down into multiple lessons that build on each other. The pronoun examples shown in the reported sentences section would be a difficult for lower level learners. As long as they already have a grasp of context, it could be taught. There are so many potential lesson plans involved in teaching this material.This unit described many different techniques that have different advantages and disadvantages. There is no single perfect method that will always work, but as long as the students are motivated, engaged, and actively using the language it can be successful. The unit also mentioned how corrections are an extremely delicate interaction for teachers. Too much correction too soon can make the student very hesitant while speaking. It is important to only use teacher-student corrections as a last resort because it might make it difficult for the student to understand what the error was.