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Future tenses in the English language are layered. While there are similarities from Present and Past tense, Future tenses expand these the concepts and create new branches. Depending on when an event is happening and the point of reference it is possible to frame it in several different tenses. The importance along with the other tenses is to insure a learner commits to one tense and does not blend tense. A good idea mentioned in the unit is to each tenses that are often confused during the same lesson to help emphasize the differences between them.In this unit, the teacher is reminded of all the possible problems he/she could encounter at the start or during the course of his/her teaching career and how to overcome the problems. Majority of these problems and their solutions have been mentioned earlier. However the teaching of this problems in a separate unit has made it more important to me. Nevertheless, there are some points(problems) and their solutions I have just learned in this unit; such as the use of different materials for activities in a class with students of different abilities.