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There are four basic skills in any language and these skills are divided into two the receptive and productive skills. This unit focuses on the receptive skills which include listening and reading. We further come across the reasons for reading which include reading for a purpose and for entertainment. In some write ups both reasons can be applied. The unit also tells us the various skills for listening and reading like predictive skills, skimming, scanning. Problems faced in reading are also handled and suggestions to make this successful advanced.The unit discusses about the techniques used to manage classes. The methods applies to both bigger and smaller classes. Possessing classroom management skills is important to ensure order within the classroom and at the same time maintaining a relaxed environment for the students to study in. Personally, I haven't had the opportunity to teach in a bigger classroom as I've only been giving personal tuition to individual students. However, I find the information in this unit very useful for when I teach in a bigger class setting one day in the future.