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I haven't seen a cassette tape in years, but they are definitely a must for students, in developed and undeveloped countries. Teachers now still use OHP's especially in America, and use OHT's hand and hand with them. I feel as though that even though i could use the IWB in a classroom that would help get students a little more of an understanding i would still use a whiteboard for a bulk of the teaching. I could have some exercise's or projects or a multitude of things loaded onto my flash drive to display on the screen using an IWB and this would cut down on the back turned towards the students. Video Cameras would be ideal for students to create projects in the classroom. As a teacher i could be creative with the students and involve work cards alongside the video camera to aid the students in strengthening their English. Dictionaries are wonderful but i would use the English - English versions a little more in the classroom.