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This unit sheds light how a teacher can evaluate (including testing) their students’ (four) language skills. It introduced a wide variety of exams which one employ before, during and at the end of a course. The beginning of the unit gives us a glance at T.E.T. - 'Tutorials' , 'Evaluations by students' and 'Testing'. To be honest, I wish that there had been more time and detail given to the first two- tutorials and evaluations, as pre-prepared materials for these two items are not easily readily available (in comparison with the availability of tests/exams). There was however, a great amount of time devoted to the official exams administered and recognized internationally. While it is certainly important to be familiar with these exams, I would have been pleased to have seen more tips and guidelines for how a teacher can successfully create his or her own test, especially for testing students' (i.e. mid-course) progress.